mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

How To Choose The Blush For Your Skin Tone by MakeupGeekTV

Scegliete i blush da applicare in base al colore della vostra pelle, chiara, media o scura. Mi raccomando non andate in giro come dei simpatici clown!:P

xoxo G.

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  1. Hi Giulia. I'm the girl you commented to in Ingrid's My summer foundation routine. I'm really interested on the subject, cause It's been a year since I've been through this acne problem.
    I always have had a flawless skin, and I still have it perfect the rest of my face, but not in the front-cheek area, I heart that hormonal imbalances causes acne around the jaw line and chin, but in the cheeks is because of an intestine or lung problem, I also eat really healthy, I practise sport... But I always had a delicate digestion. Anyway, I've started taking some hormones 4 months ago, I took three tablets but my acne didn't stop, and the pills where causing me side effects, so I stopped using them and the doctor prescribed me contraceptives. I've been one month but again the side effects were worse, and my acne wasn't disappearing so I quitted. I just couldn't stand the side effects, migraines, depression, I coundn't eat or smell anything and so on. Where did you have your acne issue? Sorry about the lenght of the comment, I'm just desperate to find a solution :) xxx love from the Basque Country

    1. Hi!:D I know it's a tough situation, especially because summer is getting closer and closer. First of all I suggest u to keep your skin clean. use oil free products and of course a good moisturizing cream. My doctor gave me an antibiotic cream to apply only on certain areas, not everywhere. Fortunately the pill didn't cause me side effects, but maybe yours was too strong. there are so many kinds of it that i'm sure u will find the right one. Try to go to a gynecologist, he will know what to do. You have been taking hormones for 4 months,maybe they will be good. just wait. It's not enough time. I started to see good results after 7 months, and now my acne is completely disappeared. I have to mention that it was not so strong, so maybe this helped. I had problem on my chin, all over the jaw and something on the lower part of my cheeks. But it was worse on the jaw. Don't worry and be positive! Giulia, from Italy!


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